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Rodney Mark has a long history of working with Governments at all levels, both as a Service Provider and an Influencer.

Whether Victorian Government Departments with hundreds of locations and a few thousand staff to a local Council, Rodney Mark has the experience and capabilities to successfully manage long term contracts

We engage in a transparent tender process to secure contracts.

In our interaction with Government Officers Rodney Mark is committed to honesty, integrity, responsible behaviour and confidentiality.

What people wear on the job must not only provide the requisite safety and functionality, but also make a statement of who they are and the program they represent, and be cost effective

The uniforms we supply to Government Organisations allows us to provide garments from each of our areas.

  • Corporate
  • Work-wear
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Transport

Ensuring that you only have to deal with one supplier for all of your needs, creating a sense of unity and equality that encourages team work, communications and trust.

Our uniforms alone have not made us successful with our Government accounts.

Our products and service match and exceed their needs

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Strong service and clear communications
  • Financial security
  • A partnership approach

All combine to make Rodney Mark a company worth contacting if you are considering a major uniform program.