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Workwear is clothing worn for work that usually involves manual labour.

However Workwear has changed dramatically over the years and now has many benefits not incorporated in normal clothing.

You naturally still want your staff to look professional but wearing clothes with the advantages of additional features, enabling them to work more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

Our Workwear is designed to be hard wearing, extremely comfortable and functional with a fit that allows freedom of movement in a manual work environment or if one is exposed to the elements.
Even if you are not a tradesman, farmer, landscaper or forestry worker our range of Workwear is useful for the home gardener or handyman or just walking the dog.
Our Workwear offers the following benefits:

  • Materials – Cotton drill, cotton polyester, polyester PVC, lightweight cotton. All have been adapted to provide hard wearing, long lasting quality garments
  • Moisture Control – They wick away perspiration faster than standard materials
  • Odour Resistant – Using a neutralizing agent in the fabric
  • UV Protection
  • Regulate Temperatures – Our materials breathe to keep the wearer cooler
  • Flat Seam Stitching – Double and tripled stitched for greater comfort and strength
  • Hi Visibility – For both Day and Night approved use using 3M reflective tape
  • Ladies and Men – Matching garments for both the ladies and the men.

We also supply Anti Static and Fire Retardant garments and can provide head to toe accessories. Helmets, safety boots, gloves, goggles, socks, safety glasses, respirators, hearing protection.