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Healthcare Clothing

In such a fast paced industry, your employees need a uniform that can withstand the pressures of the job. That can cope with the endless patients, sickness and running around, yet maintain an air of professionalism.

At Rodney Mark our healthcare and aged care clothing can do just that.

Designed with practicality in mind, we use only the latest in modern fabrics to create hard wearing, versatile health care uniforms that are comfortable, well fitted and gentle on your skin. We appreciate your need for a uniform that is easy to maintain. That won’t fall victim to instant wear and tear, but can cope with this intense industry.

That is why all of our healthcare clothing is created using strong materials to minimise fading, increase your mobility and ensure a good fit.

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Our services include

Access to the latest fabrics & products
A 2-3 week turnaround
on your order
Exchange and
return program
Embroidery and
screen printing
Onsite and offsite
measure ups

No minimums required – no order is too small.

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