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Comfortable clothing is essential in the transport industry, especially when faced with the prospect of sitting behind the wheel of a bus, taxi, train or truck all day. What once felt like a pinch in your waist can become increasingly uncomfortable as the day wears on causing bloating, aches and pain.

No more…

At Rodney Mark we offer an extensive range of transport clothing that has been expertly designed to increase your team’s comfort, whilst taking their environment, work conditions and needs into consideration.

Cold, humidity… our uniform consultants will review all aspects of your employee’s role, in order to create flexible, perfectly crafted clothing that will breathe beautifully during the summer, yet retain body heat in the winter.

With Rodney Mark you will benefit from:

  • The finest materials – A variety of fabrics that not only feel wonderful against the skin, but will easily combat the trials of wear and tear, and last far beyond your expectations.
  • A personal service – Through our unique alteration service, we aim to measure each of your team members to create a more comfortable fit.
Why Consider Transport Clothing?

There is something to be said about the power of uniformity, and the impression it creates on potential clients.

Even though your employees may not always be on view to the public, uniforms create a sense of unity and equality that naturally encourages team work, communication and trust.

Under one transport uniform, not only are you able to advertise your business brand, it also allows your team to feel a part of something important.

So contact us today. No matter whether you are looking to improve your company image or simply want to ensure that your team feels comfortable at work; call us or visit our showrooms at Clifton Hill and you too can take advantage of our fast turnaround, unique designs and commitment to putting your needs first.