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Rodney Mark fully understands the needs for comfortable and practical uniforms for an industry that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When considering Security uniforms, Rodney Mark will look at the following:

  • What image do you want your security team to project
  • Are there any special requirements or duties that would necessitate unique uniforms or accessories
  • How many sets of uniforms will your security officers require
  • What is the branding on the uniforms
  • How often will the uniforms be re-issued

At Rodney Mark we offer an extensive range of security clothing that has been expertly designed to increase your team’s comfort, whilst taking their work conditions and needs into consideration.

From suits to blazers to pants, shirts, skirts, ties and jackets, at Rodney Mark we aim to transform the look of your staff.

With Rodney Mark you will benefit from:

  • Quick Turn Around – Our warehouse has large stock holdings of security uniforms to ensure quick turn around of uniform orders.
  • Design badges – We design your company badge and keep stock on hand to be sewn on whenever needed.
  • One Stop Shop – Guards can come in to our showroom with an order and walk out with their uniform.

Rodney Mark has developed many styles of security uniforms that are very durable and easy to wear.  No matter what your company’s needs are, we can help with all requirements for static guards, mobile patrols, corporate/concierge and high end office security.

So why not contact us today to discuss all your security needs.